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Hi everyone!  My head is very sleepy today, so I apologize for the brief IMM stuff, and the long string of pictures.  As always, it's done to showcase what books I've gotten in the hopes of some deserved publicity - all thanks to The Story Siren and Alea from Pop Culture Junkie for creation and inspiration respectively.  I just do the meme for fun.  :)


I'm not listing them because I just honestly don't feel like it.  xD  I am particularly excited for The Survivors and Malinda Lo's books, and Robin and Ruby looks pretty interesting as well.

A huge thank you to Amanda Havard, Little, Brown, Random House, Scholastic, and Kensington books for these review copies!


Blogosphere News:

LGBTQ Voice is only two weeks away!  Oh the excitement!  My boots are quaking, I say.  More news will be up as things go along, but I have a stellar cast ranging from award winning authors to readers and writers who may not be in the publishing world yet.  Also some interesting giveaways you'll definitely want to enter.

The lastest inkpop challenge concerns the book Through Her Eyes, and it sounds pretty interesting.  Cameras, dead boys...I can get into that.  I'm reading one of the past challenge books, Blood and Flowers, and it's pretty rocking.  These things can be great if you need a writing prompt.  As always, follow the link for more detailed information on what the prompt is and what you could win.

Diana Wynne Jones, as many of you know, passed away this weekend.  She was a wonderful author whom I finally read last year with Howl's Moving Castle.  A daring and wonderful book, it made my life so much richer.  I aim to read all of her books someday, for I can only imagine the depth and cunning they contain.  It is my way of remembering this sensational author who made a mark no one can ever erase.  

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Blueicegal ♥ said...

Daymm boi you got some awesome, awesome books. Happy reading hope you love them all!

кєяo said...

Great books! I'm particularly intrigued by The Fitzosbornes in Exile.
Check out this link, "The Ring by Danielle Steel" has the same book cover as "The Fitzosbornes in Exile by Michelle Cooper."

Enjoy your books!
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